Halloween. Wedding. Move

The past few weeks have been quite crazy! 
1. We finished moving (which was quite the daunting task). 
2. We drove to Kansas to celebrate Whitney and Josh’s wedding! Noah was a ring bearer for the first time with his cousins Ace K and Gavyn. 
3. We celebrated Dashie’s first Halloween by handing candy out to lots of cute costumed children at Uncle Doc’s! 
4. Matt turned in his dissertation to his committee! BIG step! We’re so proud of you, Matt! Love you. Now, he can relax a bit and hang out with us for a while :]
Noah got to see so many of his family members this past weekend and it was really fun for us all. It’s so very special to see him play and interact with his cousins! Really makes me wish we were closer so he could have them as consistent playmates.  I grew up in a very close knit family (despite fights and drama) we love each other to the core. I hope to foster the same type of family values and closeness that I was brought up in! Can’t wait till our next visit.
Noe (another nickname :) playing with the stereo while we were packing stuff up. He managed to turn it on repeatedly!

 Hanging out outside while trick-or-treaters came by.
Headed to a good ‘ol Kansas wedding!
5:30am is quite early, but not for this guy! Smiles all around.
 “You can only jump on beds in hotel rooms” -Mom
I know I did my share, and he LOVED bouncing up and down! (Matt worked)
 Um… Is this Chloe??? Wow.. The resemblance is uncanny!!!!
 Happy, Happy, Happy! Look at those big feet!!!! Love my healthy guy!
 Bath time with cousin Chloe! I got Noe undressed to have a bath and next thing you know Chloe is undressed and ready to get in too. So cute :)
 Napping while all the girls are getting ready for the wedding!
 Beautiful bride Whitney having her hair touched up before her big moment! What a beautiful wedding her and Josh planned. We are thankful to have been a part of it and able to celebrate their wonderful relationship!
 Happy buddy. See those two top toofers sprouting :)
 His new buddy, Bubba!
Bubba and Dash again! Now you can see those teeth!
It snowed here for the first time yesterday. Noah was adorable and leaned his head back, and stuck his tongue out to catch those big flakes on his tongue! Love it! Excited to experience life with him! Such a blessing.
One last comment: He now LOVES bubbles. Why didn’t I think to do that earlier?!?! Fun, Fun!

One thought on “Halloween. Wedding. Move

  1. Did mom really tell us we could jump on hotel beds?? B/c thats what I told G when we were in KC! Craaazy! Love all the pictures and I cant wait to see him again! Love you Dash. Love Auntie Chi Chi ♥


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