Everyday Funday

A day in the life of Noah Dash
8:45am- Wake up for the day
9:00am- Munch a bit
9:15am- Breakfast 
9:30am- Take dad to work :[ (sad Dash face)
10:00am-12:30pm- Playtime with Mom
12:45pm- Lunch ‘n Munch
1:30pm-3pm- Nap
3:30pm-6pm- Playtime
6:00pm- go pick up dad from work :] (happy Dash face)
6:30pm-dinner and munchin’ again
7:30pm- bath time FUN TIMES
8:00pm- Bed time and munch time
9:30pm- more little munch times
And this is just one day! No day is the same as the next, especially if we throw grocery shopping, or a picnic with friends, or the park into the mix! 
I’m blessed that I am able to stay home Noah and raise him. We could easily double our income if I worked, which would make life less stressful. BUT, I would be missing out on the most amazing part of life! I’m thankful for a husband who wants me home with our son! I love you, Matt!
We’ve been EXCEPTIONALLY busy these past few weeks with packing/moving (thus the lack of updates). However, today, we are making up for it :] LOTS of pictures!
Hanging over dad’s shoulders!

Note the sequence of events. 
Image 1

Image 2
Image 3 
(cheerio’s EVERYWHERE :)

Can’t get enough of my son! There’s something so satisfying about being a parent!
Wind blowing through his hair! I LOVE this picture.

He’s helping pack :)

Family pic! SMILE :)

We took a walk around ND campus and visited the Grotto. Very peaceful place.

“Mom, i’m cold” It was a bit chilly. Sorry, Noah.

Playing with Buddy! We went to a congrats party for two of Matt’s lab mates who received their PhD’s  last week. Noah really enjoyed the dog and vice versa. (who doesn’t typically like children. Imagine that :)

Lab Picture (with Dash)

Nap on mama during tailgate time with Uncle Doc.

“Dad, you really got me a piano?”

Wearing daddy’s hat!
Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Everyday Funday

  1. Love his schedule and his # of munch times! The picture of the wind blowing looks like Chloe! Cant wait to see you guys in a week and half! Love you Dash! Love Auntie Chi Chi


  2. Thanks Amy J! Chels- Matt and I thought the same thing about the picture looking like Chloe! It's odd how many mannerisms/characteristics he and Chloe share! Can tell they're family! Excited to see you guys and those two squirts of yours as well :)


  3. BTW looking at this again and reading his “schedule” to Luke and I love the picture of him looking at his mamma, so precious. Clearly you are a rockstar in his eyes:) Also the last picture is too cute!


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