Children are a gift of the Lord

Children are a blessing, a gift from the Lord. -Psalms 127:3

I never understood the real meaning of this verse until I had Noah (and thankfully, God continues to bless us daily, so I am continually learning the meaning of this verse). Like so many things in life, once you experience something, certain verses, sayings, or proverbs have a profound new meaning to you. New perspectives are uplifting and encouraging!

9 months have passed since Noah was brought into this world (it was actually about 10 months before that if we want to get technical :) Our lives have changed for the better! We no longer have the time or energy to frequent our old hangouts, leaving for the evening out at 9pm, or even staying up to watch our favorite shows. What’s incredible is that we don’t really miss it all that much (i’d be lying if I didn’t add the “all that much” part). We now spend our time in the evenings feeding Noah dinner, giving him a bath, reading books (while he tries to lick every surface), and putting him to bed. I’ve never been much of a routine person, and I’m still not (for me, routines make life more stressful), but we have a Noah routine for sure, and it’s fun and flexible! He’s such a laid back child anyways! 
Happy 9 months to our little man!!! 


Definitely looks different with his hair slicked back after bath-time! 

Playing in mama’s lap! I can’t get enough of my little boy! Love him more each day.

Play-time with Finn. Couldn’t get them to both look at the camera. 

I’ve been busy packing up the apartment (while Matt is at school working). It’s a bit of a challenge with a baby, but it gives me a GREAT excuse to take breaks :) (notice the boxes in the background). This was one of those breaks!

One way to keep the hair out of his eyes :) Little hippie-superman. (happy, as usual)

Another post-bath shot! Seriously, have you ever seen a more beautiful child?! 

We went tailgating yesterday with Doc, and Noah was relaxing in his chair sippin’ on water! Looking a bit sleeping.

Love of my life! (almost a Dr!!)

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