Once upon a time, there was an x-ray and an electron. The x-ray was hot for the electron, but too shy to approach her. X-rays friends were all like “you should TOTALLY just go and talk to her”, but still, x-ray would not. Then one day, electron approached x-ray, and it turned out they both really liked each other. They got married and had a baby xafs. The end.
-written by Matt Becker, age 28

Raising a child has forced me to question my own morals, beliefs, and actions. What I do/think/say can have a direct impact on Noah, and that’s nothing short of scary! While he’s not as vulnerable and fragile as he at times appears, being a parent is teaching me to live more intentionally. It forces me to focus on correcting negativity, controlling anxiety (not always easy), and respecting the life I’ve been given. I’m thankful that these indirect aspects of parenting/mothering have made me more aware of why I can and should be thankful and the joy that truly is in each day we live. I am by no means a pro, but i’m learning. Noah is the biggest motivator I’ve encountered in life (thus far). He encourages me to live the best life I can for myself, in hopes that someday, Noah too will live intentionally and strive to become what he’s called to be.
Just a little something I’ve been thinking about recently :)

Top 5 things I love about Noah:
5: Hair… Enough said :) (while I think it’s silly to base “love” off of something as meaningless as appearance… It’s def. a unique characteristic!)
4: Laid-back personality!- He’s cool to go listen to bag-pipes or sit by the river! Definitely fits in with this little familial unit :)
3: His noises/growls/grunts! You’ve got to hear them to know what I mean! Instant smiles :)
2: When he wakes up in the morning! Never met a happier baby in the morning!
1: His HUGE smile! His JOY for life :) It’s contagious!

Noah’s been working on pulling himself up to a standing position. He’s searching for his favorite toys in his toy box! (which is an empty bag of hershey kisses)

I love walking into the living room and seeing him standing up like this :) So proud of our little man!

Where’s Noah? We came out to check on him while we were making dinner to find this! 

Trying to figure out how the spoon works. He always tries to grab it out of our hands when we feed him. 

Picnic by the Notre Dame Lake.

Loves that sippy cup!

Mattie and I.

Ponytail to keep the hair out of his those beautiful eyes! I just can’t bring myself to cut his hair… If I hold out just a bit longer, it will go behind his ears. Problem solved :) YAY!!

“Yo, Ma, thanks for the blocks” We went to Noah’s friend, Finnley’s first birthday party this past weekend and he enjoyed Finn’s blocks… So, he needed a set of his own, of course ;)

Sleepy day after the farmers market with friends!
Hope you all have a great week! Big WET kisses (from Noah :)

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