Everyday Funday

A day in the life of Noah Dash 8:45am- Wake up for the day 9:00am- Munch a bit 9:15am- Breakfast  9:30am- Take dad to work :[ (sad Dash face) 10:00am-12:30pm- Playtime with Mom 12:45pm- Lunch ‘n Munch 1:30pm-3pm- Nap 3:30pm-6pm- Playtime 6:00pm- go pick up dad from work :] (happy Dash face) 6:30pm-dinner and munchin’ … More Everyday Funday


Once upon a time, there was an x-ray and an electron. The x-ray was hot for the electron, but too shy to approach her. X-rays friends were all like “you should TOTALLY just go and talk to her”, but still, x-ray would not. Then one day, electron approached x-ray, and it turned out they both … More Storytime