Zombie Walk and tailgating and BBQ’s, oh my!

We’ve been a pretty busy family these past few weeks. With all fun stuff, of course :)

Noah’s been learning to dump over his toy basket after I’ve just picked everything up! He’s also been learning how to drink water from a sippy cup! AND eat big people food! Well, little chunks of it! He’s been putting food in his mouth on his own mouth. Pretty exciting stuff!! Love my little man.

Happy as can be, getting ready to play play play.

We went on a walk “down by the river” (Matt will appreciate this reference)the first day we had cool weather! We let Noah practice walking (not that he should be walking by any means… it’s just fun to do because he gets SO excited).

Just sitting on the bench by himself, you know, chillin’!

We went to a “Zombie Walk” last Friday night to help support the Northern Indiana Food Bank. In other words, people dress up like Zombies and walk around the town! We sadly did not dress up :( But, we did go sight-see :)

Creeper in the gas mask…

Happy little guy!
There were some babies all dressed up. It felt strange to see the babies like that, but the adults were fine. Just seemed a bit morbid to me. Maybe because I’m a mother now. ha. Riiigghhht.

First tailgate. It was HOT! But we had fun! Uncle Doc (Hubbard) always sets up a massive tailgate display with every imaginable mixed drink and food concoction you can imagine. We enjoyed some tasty bites. Noah licked a bratwurst a few times :)

After tailgating, we were TOO hot to make it across the street to the car, so we stopped for a little ice cream treat! Noah really enjoys his little bites of ice cream. He must be my son!

Have a happy week!

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