Strong, Tall, Adorable, SITTER!

Dash is officially sitting! And well at that :) We’ve all (Matt, Noah, and me) been working pretty hard to get him more comfortable with the position, and it’s paid off. It’s crazy how proud you can be of your child for SITTING!

Here are a few pics from our week so far!

Yes, that is a Halloween nighty… But, I’m afraid he’ll outgrow it before Halloween, so we’re enjoying it now :) Just a bit of pre-holiday celebration! Noah’s contemplating his costume ideas… Superman…Batman…a Pony :)

We have our FIRST TOOTH!!!! And boy has he been using it :/ Ouch!
He hasn’t been the typical “fussy” teether, either, so we’re counting ourselves lucky (for now… fingers crossed) *Pardon the chipped nail polish… Like I have time for a manicure*

Playing with the cool mirrors at the Doctors office yesterday. He really enjoys looking at his reflection in the mirror! Do we have a male model in our future?! You never know!

We went on a picnic yesterday with Dash’s friend, Finn and my friend, Brittany. We had a great time playing with toys (despite his unimpressed expression below). Dash also REALLY enjoyed kicking his feet in the water fountains!

Post Picnic Picture!

And, last, but certainly not least! SITTING UP :) Matt and I are ecstatic… Ha.. Can you say first time parents!?! Everything this baby does is the highlight of our lives!!

Hugs, Kisses, and Slobbers!

Happy Birthday, Papa Steve!

One thought on “Strong, Tall, Adorable, SITTER!

  1. Dash is sitting and has his 1st tooth! Awesome buddy:) We miss him so much, even Uncle Luke talks about him alot! Male HAIR model, YES! Love you lots Dash! XOXO Auntie Chi Chi


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