We’re not in Kansas anymore :(

We had a great trip home to see family and throw Cassie a baby shower. We had a great turn out for the shower, and Cassie got a lot of great gifts. We are looking forward to Gavyn making his grand appearance in around 6 weeks! Looks like Dash will have lots of cousins to play with on his mama’s side, which makes me glad :)

We had a wonderful time at home visiting family. Dash got to play with his cousins, and we got to enjoy family dinners and laid back evenings with the family. We really miss not getting to take part in the “everyday’s”, and can’t wait until we get to move closer! It’s exciting to be finishing up the last leg of our South Bend journey, and moving on to the next. We’re eager to find out where we’ll go after this so that we can start planning and imaging our lives in the next stage :)

South Bend welcomed us nicely with temps in the high 60s when we got into town on Sunday! Dash and I took a MASSIVELY long walk yesterday (that I regretted half way though). But, we made it :) Today we took Dash to his eye appointment, he wasn’t pleased with having his eyes dilated, but he was a trooper and only fussed after the doctor forced his eyes open :( The doctor gave him a clinical diagnosis and sent us on our way with an follow-up in 6 months. We’re thankful that it’s nothing serious, and we’ll do everything to keep an “eye” (pun intended) on his eye. We’re optimistic!

Here are some pictures from our trip home. Enjoy!

OH, how could I forget!! We have TWO teeth about to break the surface!! Yay!!! I think :/

Getting ready to head out! Happy :)

After 6 hours. Not Happy :(

At Ace’s Birthday. Nana B holding Ace K and Dash.

Ace K checking out his Cake, Gentry is pretty interested too :)

Dash got to join Ace in the cake eating :)

Blue mouth!! I think he enjoyed it.

Uncle Austi and Dashie. He likes playing with his uncle :)

The whole family :)

All 6 kids!

Chelsea (Gentry, Ace), Me (Noah), Whitney (Chloe)

Dash, Gentry, Ace K

Butterfly kisses with Nana :) Love, love!

Sitting in Grandpa Becker’s lap.

Great Grandpa Gordon, Grandma Becker, and Noah

Chillaxin’ with Nana :)

Tummy Time with Papa! Papa calls him Indy (ND-his initals). Love it!

Visiting Nana B.

Hanging out at cousin Chloe and Aunt Itty’s house.

At Ozark Land in Missouri (my favorite stop on our way through the state)

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