Gorillas, Monkeys, and Smiles

I find myself looking at Noah occasionally and wondering how on earth he has gotten so big. It’s very bittersweet watching him change and grow. Matt and I looked over his “fresh outta the womb” (too graphic?? :) pictures last night, and it brought a tear to our eyes. We can’t wait to take him on hikes, teach him to ski and ride his bike, how to read and paint, but he’ll never be this tiny again (and he’s not that tiny anymore).
Our little Noah is more incredible than we ever imagined he would be. He’s everything we wanted and didn’t even know it. We both feel so deeply blessed to have Noah in our lives. So thankful for each day we have with him. For each meal we get to feed him. For each tummy time he is not pleased about. For each full out belly laugh we get to hear. We both love this little man more than we knew we could love. Our lives our truly rich.

Simple. Joy. Love.

Alright… Enough emotional stuff. But, truth be told, we love our lives!

A bit of a flashback, if you will.
Noah, a mere 3 hours old.

On to current times :)

We enjoyed the nice weather one evening and went on a stroll downtown. Noah got to sit on the Chocolate Factory Gorilla! He wasn’t that impressed.

A very happy Noah after swimming with mom and dad!

We find him (more often than not) holding on to his frogs leg when he’s napping in his bed.
So Cute!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen bigger blue eyes. Stunning.

Too much play for such a little man.

“Hi, mom!”

SERIOUS belly laugh!

One thought on “Gorillas, Monkeys, and Smiles

  1. Aww he is so sweet. Love his trunks:) He totally looks like his mama in the 2nd to last picture! Love you Dash, Love Auntie Chi CHi


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