Cherry Cheeks

Close to six and a half months and growing like a weed!! His pediatrician said he’s exceptionally tall for his age :) Might tower over his daddy someday! He’s also got an exceptionally lovable tummy and thighs!! Healthy as can be, just how we want him!

Noah’s been busy playing with the lot of toys that a friend of Matts gave us! He gets soo excited when we put him in his exersaucer, he almost goes into super-speed! He wants to play with everything at once. It’s so cute to see him get so excited!

Dad (Matt) is gone this week in the Baltimore area at a conference, so Noah and I are toughing it out together in the heat. We’ve kept ourselves pretty busy with trips to the Farmers Market with friends, playdates, doctor’s appointments, and swimming lessons today!!

Below are some pictures of the past few weeks.

All decked out to attend his first wedding celebration! Congrats AA and Mike!

All 3 of us after the wedding.

In dad’s forest ranger hat!

Enjoying his new exersaucer! SO MUCH TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME! (before nap time)

Getting ready to go to the Farmers Market with mom and dad.

Eating home-grown cherries at the Farmers Market!

POST eating home-grown cherries at the Farmers Market! Enjoyment was had.

Love my clean little bebe :)

Sitting up like a big guy on his changing table.

His typical face :) We are lucky, lucky to have such a joyful baby boy.

“Mom, are you ready to go yet?” Bored little buddy.

Have a good week.

One thought on “Cherry Cheeks

  1. Glad to see the Sleepywrap is still working for you and Mr Dash! Love the smile after eating cherries:) Love you Dash….Xoxo Auntie Chi Chi


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