Little Orange Fingers

We celebrated Matt’s first Father’s Day! It was really special :) Thanks to all of you who sent him cards :) It’s great to get to celebrate these joys in life! Noah also took part in the day:

His first experience finger painting! It was so fun to watch him mush his chubby little hands in paint. I’m sure we will finger paint a lot as he gets older… perhaps a full body, crawl in the paint experience will be in our future!! Non-toxic, washable paint, of course.

Messy little guy… could have been worse :) I think he thought it was food… yuck.

He is learning to make really LOUD noises! For LONG stretches of time. It’s very cute though.

Playing with dad at the hotel in Chicago on our most recent trip (for matt’s work).

Happy little monkey after his bath :)

Playing with his daddy again :) And as you can see, he’s quite the happy little fella’!

I made him some fresh, organic, spring peas!! What a beautiful color :)

As you can see, he wasn’t impressed. I think it was the skins, so we strained them for the next meal.

This is how he felt about it the second time around :)

Exhausted after a day of serious play-times! Should we let him sleep here, or take the chance waking him?? We moved him!

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