Has it been a FULL two weeks or what?! Summer is already flying by, and the way our calendars look, it will be September before we know it :( We’re booked!
Noah is 5 months old (as of the 5th) and he’s growing so fast! It’s definitely bittersweet, but we are taking note of all his changes and loving every single second we have with our little man!
Matt has 4 trips planned this summer for research and conference purposes, and since that’s a lot of time away from him, we have decided to tag along for the research trips and hang out in Chicago while he’s working. Poor Matt :( When he gets his breaks, we go out and have some fun as a family!

I LOVE this facial expression!

Little Monster! THanks for the shirt, Aunt Chi-Chi!

Noah and I hanging out together!


Happiest Baby on the Block!

I got this expression after buckling him into an above 100 degree car!! I’m a lucky mama :)

Eating lunch with dad during his beam run at Argonne! Noah’s getting his quality time, and loving it!

Too much playing for the day.

Love his little giggle.

We didn’t let him see anything in Victoria’s Secret

He’s been pulling his hair by his right ear a lot lately. I think he’s finally realized that he has such long, luscious locks :)

Big guy in the front seat! (Don’t worry, it was only for photo fun)

“10 and 2 Noah” -dad

“Ya, ya” -noah

Blueberry, Beet, and Banana face :)

Matt really liked this sleepy picture.

Dad teaching him how to play games on his phone. Noah really pays attention, it’s so cute.

Last, by not least! Noah channeling his uncle Austin. Uncanny resemblance in this picture.

That’s it for this week :) Enjoy!!

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