Happy being a baby!

We’ve had a pretty full week, once again! Noah and I went to a play group with lots of other children and mama’s our ages this past week for the first time! We both had fun and met lots of new faces :) He is continuing to grow and amaze both Matt and I. We LOVE watching him and listening to all the new noises he is making! Couldn’t ask for a better life!
Below are some pictures from the past week’s adventures! Enjoy!

(caption above)

Chillin’ out in his boppy. Look at that curly hair!!! A trait definitely unique to Noah, neither Matt or I have curls :) Love it!

Loving my baby boy! We were celebrating my birthday at Whole Foods (where else :)!!!

Hanging out on the couch in Chicago at the Hotel. Playing with Dino.

Avocados for dinner :) Yum. He did well.

After dinner fun with mama!

Noah got a new toy for my birthday :) I get as much enjoyment watching him play in his walker as he does playing with it! Couldn’t have spent birthday money on anything better!!

Telling dad all about his day.

Mama’s main squeeze!!

Mom, do you see what dad is doing? This is AWESOME!!! (it’s a melodica)

Now it’s my turn!!

2 thoughts on “Happy being a baby!

  1. Love his dino picture! He looks so cute with his huge eyes! Love his cloth cow diaper:) Miss you Dash, cant wait to see you soon!


  2. Yes, he plays with the dino often! (well, holds it by its tail). I know, I love the cow diaper too!! We're excited to see you guys soon as well :)


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