Business as Usual


We’ve been busy as usual the past few weeks. And Noah has been growing like a little bean sprout! He’s officially doubled his birth weight and we’ve just begun to incorporate new foods into his seemingly boring “milk diet”! Our first experience was so exciting!! Noah may beg to differ :) He didn’t mind the cereal, but wasn’t having the spoon. It was fun to watch his little expressions as he tasted the new food! I’ve been reading extensively (because that’s what I do) about starting solids and talking with my sisters and mom about different approach’s to take! I’m eager to start making some yummy little dishes (a.k.a. purees) for little Noah! The plan is to turn him into a little foodie, like his mama and dada! Many more photos to come of these adventures for sure :)

Noah wearing his bib like a cape, playing with dada in the parking lot of Notre Dame! Matt just loves his little guy so much :) It’s such a wonderful love. I couldn’t ask for a more loving daddy for my son!

Literally fell asleep on the changing table as he was laid down. He was tuckered out for sure!

Noah chillin’ on the dinner table! We try to sit him on or around the table while we eat dinner so that he gets to experience the everyday things mom and dad do as well! (nice food shot too)

We finally broke down after a year and went to the eye doctor for me to get glasses this past weekend. I managed to lose my last pair… can’t imagine that! We tried a few kid pairs on Noah. He was sleeping, so we had fun :)

AHHH! My baby love!!! My first (and best) Mother’s Day! Love Love Love my life :)

Wearing a Pirates of the Caribbean wig at the Disney store in the Mall! He looks OH SO Proud! (doesn’t it look like he’s posing??!!)

I graduated from college this past week, so my parents and sister (whitney) and niece (chloe) came up to visit us and take part in the festivities! It made me feel very special for them to be here with us to celebrate!! Here is Chloe playing with Noah! I think he likes having somebody closer to his size to sit and poke him :) 

Little Chloe does so well with Noah! Miss having that little squirt running around our home :)

Nana kissing kissing kissing little man :)

Graduation pic! Me-Proud.. Noah- Eh…. Not as impressed :)

Chelsea- This picture is posted solely for you. Reminded me of pictures of Gentry when she was a little babe!

2 thoughts on “Business as Usual

  1. Thanks for updating! G looked horrified when she saw the poop picture! I love the glasses and the pirate pic, he does look proud! Thanks for posting the last one that reminded you of baby G:)


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