"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine"

I’m sure everybody has heard that song before! It’s one of my favorite songs that my mom used to sing to us as children. Noah and I spend a lot of time in song… Well, he squeals while I sing to him, so that counts. The other day I was thinking that, perhaps, I sing to him more than actually speak :) I’m hoping that he’ll think that it’s normal to sing rather than speak!! Wouldn’t that make for quite the interesting childhood?! :)

I think Spring has finally reached our doorstep!! We’ve been spending time out on our porch watching birds and listening to all the sounds of spring! Everyday, Noah is becoming more and more aware of his surroundings, it’s incredible to witness!

With the changes spring brings, a lot of changes are happening for us as well! We’re looking forward to what the next few months bring our way!!

As always, a variety of pictures from the last week are posted below (captions are above pics)

Below is Noah holding some ingredients for cooking/baking! We made butter and Guinness Wheat Bread with Molasses :)
Playing with Mom!

Hanging out with Matt after his bath!! 

Look at that pout!!! Sometimes he gets the saddest little face and then smiles right away.. So funny.  (that explains why I’m smiling so big!! It wasn’t at his pout ;)

Loving my precious little boy!

We had to take advantage of the “take your own picture” at walmart!

First Easter Basket!! He’s impressed, as you can see!! Lotion, bath wash, shorts, and a book!! (there’s candy underneath… not for him silly… for us :)

Playing with his Easter Dino from Nana!

The only picture i’ve come across where he resembles me! (well, not the current me… but baby pictures of me)

Loving his tie-dye hat from Aunt Chelsea! Love this thing!! Would have bought it myself!! Can’t miss the tongue, he’s really been tasting everything, and drooling like crazy!!

“Dad, I’m as cool as you!” Let’s hope he doesn’t have to wear glasses anytime soon (or ever)…But, he does look pretty darn cute!

Just a bright-eyed little babe!

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