April Showers…. or Snow, bring May flowers (hopefully)!

The weather up here hasn’t been the greatest for rides in the stroller outside, but we’ve found ways to entertain ourselves (for the most part)! Like, eating, and sleeping! Matt has been spending as much time as his can in his lab trying to finish his research to wrap up his PhD! We’re really proud of all the hard work he’s doing for our family :)
Noah is spending a lot more time awake during the day, which is really fun for both of us :) One would think that if he’s staying up more during the day, he wouldn’t at night… but no, he still likes getting up multiple times at night. Little stinker!! 
He’s much more interactive and curious about his surroundings! It’s such a neat experience to be able to watch him to begin to understand that his hand is HIS hand, or to find his ticklish spots!! He doesn’t quite know how to react when we tickle him, the noises that come out of him are way too cute!! Below are some pictures of the past few weeks! 
 His BIG blue eyes!! His hair is also getting curlier, the longer is gets!! LOVE IT!
 Mama loving on her little man :)
 Face plant during tummy time!! Actually, if you can see the little blue strings on the blanket, he was sucking on them, and pulling it through his lips!
 “Almost up mom” His little back and neck muscles are getting stronger and stronger!!
 And…. checking out his fist! He spends a good chunk of his day looking at his hands! He always gets an “inquisitive” look on his face. It’s very cute.
 Taking a snooze in the rocking chair.

Bouncing in his jumper! He’s just starting to figure out how it works. Although, he’d rather just let his head hang back and swing in circles, giggling :) (like the image below)

Noah listening to a book pre-recorded by his Nana.

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