And we’re back in the game!

After a month in Kansas, Noah and I are officially back in Indiana with Matt! While we were at home, Noah gained so many new nicknames; Dash, little man, Indi, Nona, etc. It’s fun to have new names to call him :) It was so exciting seeing Matt’s face at the airport last night to pick us up! We celebrated our return by going to Buffalo Wild Wings, below is a picture of a boneless wing that I think looks like a dinosaur!! Check it out :)  (if you can’t see it very well, the head of the dino is to the left… it’s hard to look past the sauce… but IT’S THERE)

Now… on to the purpose of the site, NOAH! Below is a picture of Nana holding Noah and cousin Chloe. Noah got to meet so many new people while he visited Kansas, and he smiled at everyone of them :)                                 


 I couldn’t resist this picture! Of course it wasn’t an intentional expression, but I thought it was hilarious!
 Noah got to meet his Uncle Austin for the first time on the trip home! I pretty sure they’ll be good buddys someday :)
 Cousin Chloe let Noah borrow her swing, which Noah loved (especially the mobile that was hanging). After Noah got out of the chair, Chloe was very quick to sit down in it (I don’t think she really knew what to think of somebody else in HER chair :)
 Noah got to see his Aunt Maci graduate, and watch a very cool runway show the students put on! Maci did an awesome job with her design!
 Noah checking out his fist, while Nana B held him! It was very special for him to get to meet her while we were home! She thought the world of him :) We love Nana B!
 Goofball Gentry playing with Noah! She did such a great job getting Noah to smile, I think she likes her little cousin!
 Just a big Noah grin :)

 Check out those neck muscles! Noah is sitting up really well in the bumbo chair!! Strong little man.
 Sweet little cousin Destiny! She played so well with him!
 Big guy Ace and little man Noah, chillin’ out together!
 Just one happy baby!
 Noah got to meet his other uncle Tyler while we were in Kansas as well! He looks pretty happy!
 Noah got to hold his first gun while visiting Papa and Uncle Austin at the gun show one Saturday afternoon! (later, I found out this isn’t actually a gun… it’s part of a gun!! Shows how much I know :)
 Last but not least, Noah relaxin’ in the princess chair! He doesn’t look too impressed here, but he did such a good job sitting in the chair (and of course, smiling)!

We had lots of fun at home! But we’re glad to be back with Matt (dad) in Indiana! Looking forward to our next trip to Kansas!!

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