Getting his wings

Noah experienced his first plane ride this past week, and it went swimmingly! The one thing I did learn from this trip was to pack more diapers!!! We barely made it on the 3!!!! that I packed. 3… that’s all. But, we made it!

Before we loaded, Noah got some last minute play time with Daddy :)
Once on the plane he slept, and slept, and slept. I was very relieved
that he didn’t fuss!

After the first connection, he was wide awake for nearly the entire flight!
He wasn’t fussy at all! The people sitting near us were probably all very thankful!
How could you be annoyed by such an adorable face though :)
Nana and Aunt Chi Chi picked us up from the airport. (bringing a few extra diapers for the ride from Wichita to McPherson).
Below is a picture of Gentry, Ace, and Noah having tummy time!
Noah and I went to Aunt Chi Chi’s first 5K, where she placed first!! We were very proud of her. 

 Below is a picture of all the cousins, each with such a different perrsonality!!
From the left, Destiny, Gentry, Chloe, Ace, and Noah.
It’s fun to watch the cousins and see the similarities that Noah shares with them! I’m
shocked at how much he looks like his cousin Chloe, from his hair to his expressions!
 Noah chilling in the morning with Papa Steve and bugs.
 Noahs first time to meet Grandpa Mark.
 And this picture is one of my favorites so far! I love those little cheeks so much :)

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