Smile like you mean it…

In the past week, Noah’s started to become very responsive to our silly attempts to make him smile; particularly first thing in the morning when Briana goes through body parts with him (eyes, nose, ears, duodenum… you get the idea).  We’ve been lucky enough to catch some of these smiles in pictures.  Enjoy!
 Before the smiling pics, here’s Noah about to fall asleep.  
Or cry really hard.  Or both.
 Noah helped me open my birthday presents.  I think he’s telling me here that he hadn’t seen the first movie and wasn’t sure if the sequel would make sense without it.
Wide-eyed and ready to smile…
 There it is!
 Tuckered out from too much play-time.
All bundled and ready to go scrape the frost off of the windshield while Dad stays warm inside eating his bowl of cereals (Quaker Squares, Honey Bunches of Oats, Fruit-in-the-middle Frosted Mini Wheats, and whatever else will fit in the bowl).
Planning his middle-of-the-night feeding / screaming schedule 
(10pm, 12am, 2am, 4am, 6am and whenever else he feels like it).
Here’s Noah playing with Mom, making little dinosaur noises.  
(You don’t know what dinosaurs sounded like, so you can’t prove they’re NOT dinosaur noises.)

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