Mr. Incredible

The picture posted above is from the movie “The Incredibles”, one of our favorites! The story is based on a family of undercover superheros who are forced to save the world! There is a little boy in the movie named “Dash” who has the ability to move very quickly (hence the name dash). Noah’s middle name came from this character, for those of you who were not aware of it’s origins! We both highly recommend this film if you haven’t watched it! :)
We’ve been putting Noah down to do “Tummy Time” to work on stregthening his neck and back muscles. Most of the time he doesn’t mind being on his tummy. Just the other day when he was on his mat he was able to roll himself onto his back! We were both fairly surprised that he was able to do so, and we caught it on tape, so the following video is of him rolling over (I know, I know… thrilling :) I don’t know if this said “rolling over” had anything to do with controlled muscle movements or just his random sharp, jabbing movements that enabled him to roll over…. We’d like to think he is strong and able to control himself, so that’s what we’ll keep telling ourselves! Either way, we love watching Noah move and squirm!
Noah had his 1 month check up this past week and we were surprised by his weight gain, he’s gone from 8lbs 5oz at his birth to 7lbs 11oz when leaving the hospital a little over a month ago, to a big 11lbs 7oz last Thursday! At this rate we might be dealing with a professional football player :) Which would be perfectly fitting for both Matt and I since we are so athletically inclined…. (that was completely sarcastic, neither Matt or I are much for sports,unless it involves tailgating before a Notre Dame football game:) Regardless, he’s eating well and growing, which is exactly what he’s supposed to be doing, so we’re both very content!
Here’s some adorable Noah belly :)
What are you lookin’ at?
Oh, ok!

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