Full House

Noah’s first visitors were aunt Whitney, uncle Josh, and cousin Chloe! They bought tickets and flew up from Kansas as soon as he was born! It was so wonderful to share those first few days of Noah’s life with family! It was very sad to see them leave. 
Having so many little ones (nieces and nephew) around in the course of a few weeks reminded us what we have to look forward to as Noah gets older! So much energy from those little beans! Many laughs were shared by all and wonderful memories made.
 Noah’s cousin Chloe with uncle Matt
Nana, cousin Gentry, and aunt Chelsea 
Since family is all in Kansas, it was tough not having my own mother here with me during pregnancy and the birth of Noah. Nightly phone calls were a standard routine for us (still are), which helped me feel closer to her. However, having my own mother here while I was in my first few days/weeks of learning what it means to be a mother was like a breath of fresh air. Moments that will always be cherished.  It’s amazing what the presence of somebody special can create!
It was also great to have advice from both sisters (whit and chels) since they are both new, young mothers as well! Realistic advice is so useful when you’re desperate :)
 Noah, Gentry, Ace. Quite the personalities.
Gentry with Noah
Proud grandma Kathy holding a yawning Noah Dash.
Matt’s mom, Kathy came to visit us for a few days as well, a few weeks after Noah was born.

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