Chubby Cheeks

Noah gained his birth weight back twice as fast as he was supposed to, and he’s continuing to gain at a very steady rate (I’m pretty proud of him)! We noticed it first in his cheeks :) These pictures are more recent, so his changes are starting to become much more evident when compared to earlier photos. It’s a very bittersweet time, we are both very eager to watch him grow (and play with him), but he will never be this small again :( We are enjoying every minute (well… maybe not the 3am crying) of our time with Noah! It’s amazing how your focus in life shifts. It’s also amazing how little sleep a person can survive on! (not thrive necessarily… just survive:-)
Raise the roof. Raise it!

Sleeping with his taggie blanket from Nana. So peaceful.
Relaxing in his rocking chair. A great investment, it allows
Matt and I to be able to sit down every now and
then and actually eat a meal together :)

Put ’em up, put ’em up!
When post-bath hair meets a pillow. We both thought this
was pretty hilarious! 

The weight of the world on his tiny, 
milk-scented shoulders. 
We had just given Noah a bath, and his hair looked pretty awesome.
Noah’s half-asleep on his boppy. His little
movements are precious!
Alert and looking around!
Stretching his arms and back; I shake his hand 
around to wake him up a bit.

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