Baby Noah, baby Noah, riding on a pig, baby Noah!

Congratulations, you have stumbled upon the blog of Noah Dash. Noah was born Jan 5, 2011 weighing in at a whopping 8lbs 5oz, and measuring 22in long. Until he’s old enough, this blog is maintained by his parents (Matt and Briana). Since our family and friends (you) are so far away, we hope to keep you all up to date on his shenanigans, updating as often as we get the chance. 
Before we get to pictures, here’s a baby monkey riding on a pig backwards, enjoy!
Now, on to the important stuff!
Noah, 2 hours after he was born.

Noah trying to be a lumberjack. 
(shirt from Uncle Austin and Aunt Katy)

Dad and Noah enjoying the
 “Dance Marathon” episode of Saved By the Bell!
LOVE that smile!

Believing everything his mother tells him!

2 thoughts on “Baby Noah, baby Noah, riding on a pig, baby Noah!

  1. Hey Noah,

    I have a picture of you in your “lumberjack” shirt in my classroom. I enlarged the picture and framed it. It is my favorite (so far), but please keep the pictures coming. I am sure the people I work with hate to see me coming down the hallway with my PICTURE book. But, they still seem to stop and want to see it anyway.

    Proud Grandpa Mark


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