Mr. Incredible

The picture posted above is from the movie “The Incredibles”, one of our favorites! The story is based on a family of undercover superheros who are forced to save the world! There is a little boy in the movie named “Dash” who has the ability to move very quickly (hence the name dash). Noah’s middle … More Mr. Incredible

Chubby Cheeks

Noah gained his birth weight back twice as fast as he was supposed to, and he’s continuing to gain at a very steady rate (I’m pretty proud of him)! We noticed it first in his cheeks :) These pictures are more recent, so his changes are starting to become much more evident when compared to … More Chubby Cheeks

Full House

Noah’s first visitors were aunt Whitney, uncle Josh, and cousin Chloe! They bought tickets and flew up from Kansas as soon as he was born! It was so wonderful to share those first few days of Noah’s life with family! It was very sad to see them leave.  Having so many little ones (nieces and … More Full House