Maybe we’ll sit at the old oak table Saturday mornings reading our respective newspapers, our readers at the tips of our noses so we don’t have to tilt our heads between conversation and perusal. Maybe we’ll watch the sunset through the Weeping Cherry Tree. Maybe we’ll visit Alaska and see the Aurora Borealis, with our … More perhaps

mommy, wow

I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating itself off the bookshelf near my head. As it fell to the floor I sat up quickly and squinted my eyes to see 5:32 in a blurry green glow from the clock. My baby was babbling to himself across the room and I was reminded … More mommy, wow

trash day

I begrudgingly picked up the overflowing trashcan and sighed as I bent over to pick of the remnants that had fallen behind the can. I was annoyed that it had been full for more than half a day and nobody else had dumped it. I hurried through the front room to the side door so … More trash day

let it go

My doctor friend told me that I hold a lot of tension behind my right jaw. She said if I wouldn’t bite off so much that I wouldn’t have to chew as long, not to mention how my digestive issues would resolve virtually overnight. I’m quick to remind her that “she doesn’t quite understand” though. … More let it go